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Recuperare creanțe


When you’ve provided a service, but have not been paid for your work, you certainly have a problem in urgent need to be solved. Our lawyers can help you deal with it in the most appropriate manner. We will always be straight with you about what we think your chances are for collecting the debt.

But why hire a lawyer for collection of debts?

We offer creditors something collection agencies cannot: the ability to sue. Collection agencies can make phone calls and send demand letters. However, if the debtor refuses to pay, you may need to take legal action. That’s where our experienced lawyers step in.

Our debt collection lawyers also represent secured and unsecured creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, insolvency proceedings, corporate reorganizations, foreclosure and actions.

With many years of experience in bankruptcy law, our firm can effectively serve its clients through all stages of the debt collection process, beginning with state court litigation and continuing through bankruptcy proceedings.

We provide full support related to different types of debt recovery: debts due by an individual to another individual, debts due by a legal entity to an individual, debts due by an individual to a legal entity or debts due by a legal entity to another legal entity.

Our services cover both receivables (debts) to be recovered by our customers from Romanian debtors, as well as receivables (debts) to be recovered by our customers from foreign debtors.

Contacting a lawyer whenever you face a problem related to debt collection is the most suitable way of late payments recovery. A collection attorney will have many tools at their disposal to help you recover your money. These include, but aren’t limited to:

As a definition, in the Romanian Law, a debt represents the patrimonial right of a natural or legal entity (creditor) upon another natural or legal entity (debtor) to execute an obligation: return goods, money or perform a service.

The Romanian Law stipulates several methods to end the debt:

We are not going to describe the above mentioned methods, but clearly provide, case by case, the most suitable manner to collect your debt.

Our law office has a very good experience related to the recuperation of debts through the methods mentioned above.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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